Making a Difference Together

Dedicated to Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Tento Health is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the future of digital transformation within health. We are committed to taking healthcare from an analogue to a digital world to improve the global standard of health and diagnostics. Our duty to the public is to make health technology accessible and we do this by putting it in the palm of your hand with our easy to use, secure, applications.

We deliver solutions that tackle the global challenges we are facing today. As we deliver on the current needs of digital transformation, we are anticipating and delivering on the needs of today and the future. We provide technology that is enabling us to move forward with one common goal of putting everyone in charge of their data. Tento Health is advancing health and driven to improve people's lives.
Our Vision
To modernise healthcare at a time that it needs to rapidly evolve and to address the recent challenges both the economy and society face head on. Restore normality, trust and confidence for businesses and consumers alike.
Our Mission
To utilise cutting-edge technology and a global test kit distribution network to immediately address a global crisis. In parallel, building a dynamic, future-proof business model that can be adapted for everyday life in the future.
Our Ethos
Being transparent in all we do, restoring control back to users, and utilising a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to help solve global issues for individuals and organisations.
Tento Health has been built by a team of technology and medical experts, not only to utilise the most prudent epidemiological advice and protocols but also to leverage secure blockchain technology to ensure the highest levels of global data privacy and compliance. We aim to be a world class health technology provider that people can depend on.

We deliver efficient solutions that are trusted, secure, and available to all. As part of our team we have onboarded a variety of industry professionals including but not limited to gaming, aviation, travel and hospitality. Having this wealth of experience enables us to look at health technology from all angles, ensuring we provide solutions that are efficient and effective no matter the application.

Currently we offer:

• Tento Diagnostics
• Tento Authenticator
• Tento Wallet
• Tento Testing Kits
Our Technology
Tento Health is a digital health and diagnostics technology provider offering secure and decentralised healthcare solutions to governments, businesses and consumers. We offer revolutionary diagnostics services, a digital health passport, and an authenticator solution that address the major issues being experienced across the globe today, and safely speed up the return to "business as normal". We utilise cutting-edge technology such as blockchain to ensure a secure, safe cryptographically encrypted platform, and to allow us to give users back control over their own data.

Health technology solutions are becoming increasingly important as the world adjusts to living with COVID-19. At Tento Health, we are committed to providing privacy and control of personal data back to users. This is something unique that we believe highlights us as one of the most important emerging health technology solution providers on the market.